Things I’m really good at…


The result of a decade of work.

Senses, techniques and analysis honed by working with some of the worlds leading ogranizations, and startups.  Building connections is the name-of-the-game.

How. Where. Why?

These are the basis of the connections we build in marketing.

// Email for Sample Comm Strategy //


 A proficient UX designer, focusing on functionality and intuitivness within corporate applications and e-commerce.


A physio therapy app developed for the UX certificate program at George Brown College.  The app is IOS specific and purely mobile.


Full online strategy and implementation of branded materials.  Creating online space the best differentiated the client.


A responsize e-commerce solution involving ERP integration and usability accross multiple devices and stakeholders (from parents to kids).



  I continually measure and optimize current marketing programs and lead nurturing processes through email, direct mail, and social channels, OOH
trade shows, and other direct response methods.

   I build and manage a rich content/editorial calendar that attracts a qualified audience to owned and industry properties including blog posts, whitepapers, reports and editorial connections in the retail and sport industries.

  I grow and manage qualified leads, through multi-channel touch points including industry trade shows, website / social channels, speaking / session
development and a rich referral base.



Strategy is the cornerstone in understanding both the client and audience needs and providing communication and outreach that meets both stakeholders expecatations.

Why does each and every one of your employees wake up in the mornnig?  What do they find fulfilling about their work?  What DON’T they like about their job?   This is a conversation I have with every client undergoing a brand refresh, or shift in advertising message.

Strategy has to align with the culture of a company, and that culture is carried forward by employees, advertising, marketing and outreach.

Strategy is the lifeblood of the organization.

  • ROI 100% 100%
  • Comm Strategy 100% 100%
  • OOH / DM 100% 100%
  • Digital / Social 90% 90%
  • Editorial / Direct 80% 80%


// Email for Sample Comm Strategy //

The above download is an example of a recent Comm Strategy.  The purpose of the document was to deliver a resolution to common problems surrounding communication in-house, as well as addressing and suggesting the way a narrative should move forward.

The idea is to provide an “arch” strategy, that can be embedded within organizations interested in adopting and changing culture and the way that teams communicate with an outside audience.



// Email for Sample KPI’s //

Every strategy should be nimble, flexible and adaptable.  Easy to grasp KPI’s should always be an effective tool that any team member can grasp and use.

What are the attractors and dectractors? Where does sentiment lay? Is adwords really worth it?  What’s happening with your social media? Do you have a rock solid relationship with your editorial partners?

The above download shows an example of how audience participation was measured, and optimized.


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